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Fostering innovation in rail

AMT Magazine – April/May 2018

With Industry 4.0 heavily influencing future trends in manufacturing, considerable opportunities exist for rail companies to continue evolving and taking advantage of new and emerging innovations in advanced manufacturing.

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Rail Manufacturing CRC on the hunt for final round of projects

Rail Express Magazine – Issue 2, November 2017

The Commonwealth Government sponsored Rail Manufacturing CRC is looking to create more partnerships between rail businesses and universities in its final open funding round. Rail Express spoke with Chief Executive Officer Dr Stuart Thomson about the CRC’s model, and what could be next for the organisation.

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HEC Group joins Rail CRC to put battery project on-track

Manufacturers’ Monthly – March 2, 2017

HEC Group will join Australia’s Rail Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) to help develop a lithium battery project. Overseen by the Rail Manufacturing CRC, the project will focus on the development of new materials for lithium ion batteries to be used for rail vehicle propulsion, regenerative braking, signalling systems and auxiliary applications.

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Up to $1m available for rail R&D projects

AMT Magazine – December 2016/January 2017

The Rail Manufacturing CRC has announced a new funding cycle for its Rail Innovation Gateway project submissions. The Rail Innovation Gateway is open to applications from businesses either working in the rail industry or with the potential to do so, who are asked to submit research and development project proposals focused on increasing competitiveness, capacity and productivity in Australian rail manufacturing.

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Time for Australian rail manufacturers to get innovative

AMT Magazine – October/November 2016

Rail is undergoing a significant resurgence across Australia. With the current boom in rail projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast and Newcastle, this strong pipeline of work is underpinning the sustainability of the rail manufacturing sector. By Dr Stuart Thomson, CEO of the Rail Manufacturing CRC.

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It’s not just big data, but new data too (UTS/Downer project)

Sydney Radio 2ser’s Think Digital program – October 3, 2016

Analytics and “Big Data” are becoming ever more prevalent, as new technology brings down costs and statistics is brought to bear in new and interesting ways. But technology isn’t just making it easier to crunch the numbers, it’s also allowing us to capture data on things we never could before.

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Rail gets a manufacturing CRC

Government News – July 23, 2015

Australia has a new Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for the rail industry. The Rail Manufacturing CRC was launched by Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane’s offsider, Karen Andrews, his Parliamentary Secretary, in the outer Melbourne suburb of Dandenong this week.

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New Rail Manufacturing CRC successful in latest funding round

Manufacturers’ Monthly – February 24, 2014

The Rail Manufacturing CRC was awarded $31 million to “develop products, technologies and supply chain networks to increase the capability and globally competitive position of the rail industry.

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