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Student | Minoo Oveisi | Power and Propulsion

PhD students

Minoo Oveisi

RMIT University (Supervisor: Sabu John)

PhD topic – A Static and Dynamic Loading Assessment of Critical Structural Composite Materials in Rail Rolling Stock Car Body Shells

Minoo Oveisi

Research summary

This research focuses on the computer modelling of composite material using finite element method. The composite body shell will be computationally investigated for various loading configurations. Finite element analysis is done to quantify the mechanical properties when body is under static and dynamic loads. The geometry and material specification will be optimised accordingly, after corroborating the computational findings with other data, experimentally sourced from literature and the rail industry.

Expected completion date

April 2022

Key achievements

  • New knowledge on computer modelling of complex rail rolling stock structures.
  • Maintain the stability of structure with composite structure that has lower weight of predominant steel body.
  • Improvement and providing a cost-effective solution in changing the shell body characteristics for commercial usage.
  • An optimised design of rail industry compliant-rolling stock, consisting optimised geometries and polymeric composite/metallic components for static and dynamic loading conditions..

No publications to-date