Program 2 – Materials and Manufacturing

The objective of the Materials and Manufacturing research program is to deliver competitive cost, durability and performance in advanced rail manufacturing. This will be achieved through research and commercialisation in the following fields – High performance materials for heavy haul, Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced, lightweight materials and Low Cost Manufacturing Systems.

The list of current projects now underway includes:

  • R2.1.3 – Laser repair of railway cast components
  • R2.1.4 – Low fume high productivity MIG welding
  • R2.3.1 – Accelerated life testing and characterisation of critical components
    Knorr-Bremse / CSIRO
  • R2.5.2 – Application of geogrids for minimising track deformation and degradation under high frequency cyclic and heavy haul loading
    Global Synthetics / Foundation QA / University of Wollongong
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