Student | Alejandro Tamani | Design, Modelling and Simulation - RMCRC
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Student | Alejandro Tamani | Design, Modelling and Simulation

PhD students

Alejandro Tamani

RMIT University

PhD topic – Development of evacuation management tool for rail transport

Alejandro Tamani

Research summary

The safe and efficient movement of passengers during an evacuation in underground railway transportation systems is a major public safety concern. This research aims to develop an evacuation management tool for underground railway transportation systems, enabling the development of appropriate strategies and design solutions to minimise the delays in the evacuation process, thereby reducing injury and improving chances of survival in an emergency.

Expected completion date

November 2022

Key achievements

  • Completed the two-day online course in April 20-21, 2020 for the “Intro to R (+ Data Visualisation)”, a programming language and free software that supports statistical computing and graphical modelling of collected data. This is in preparation for the analysis and manipulation of data to be collected in the survey.
  • Achieved first milestone at School of Engineering, RMIT and prepared draft thesis structure with corresponding chapters, headings and sub-headings.
  • Completed AnyLogic® training in Sydney  which will be used in this project.
  • Finished OENG1085 Research Methods in Engineering coursework.

No publications to-date