RMCRC | Rail Manufacturing CRC
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Established in 2014, the Rail Manufacturing CRC operated for six years, co-funded by the CRC Program of the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

The Rail Manufacturing CRC ceased project funding in 2020 and ceased corporate operations in early 2021 – this website shares the Centre’s project and student achievements from 2014 to 2020.

Industry projects

Summarising a selection of Rail Manufacturing CRC industry projects, categorised against the Centre’s three research themes.

Power and Propulsion

Energy, cost efficiency and improved competitive performance in energy regeneration and storage, advanced braking systems, and electronic motors systems.

Materials and Manufacturing

Materials and Manufacturing

Competitive cost, durability and performance in high performance materials for heavy haul, advanced manufacturing, advanced lightweight materials, and low cost manufacturing systems.

Design, Modelling and Simulation

Design, Modelling and Simulation

Safety and efficiency in advanced design and simulation, automated health monitoring, advanced data analysis and information systems, advanced operations management systems, and energy use management tools.

PhD students

Profiles of PhD students conducting industry-leading research on behalf of the Rail Manufacturing CRC.


Listings of all Rail Manufacturing CRC-related publications achieved.

Where publication links are available, these will connect to external websites where additional registration or payment may be required.

Xia, F., Durandet, Y., Yu, T. X., and Ruan, D.

Large deformation of corrugated sandwich panels under three-point bending.

Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials

Bernal, E., Spiryagin, M. and Cole, C.

Wheel flat detectability for Y25 railway freight wagon using vehicle component acceleration signals.

Vehicle System Dynamics

Brinji, O., Fallahnezhad, K. and Meehan, P.

Analytical model for predicting false brinelling in bearings.

Wear, p.203135

Chen, F., Xiang, J., Thomas, D. and Murphy, A

Model-based parameter optimization for arc welding process simulation.

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