Power and Propulsion | Aluminium matrix composite brake discs - RMCRC
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Power and Propulsion | Aluminium matrix composite brake discs

Power and Propulsion

Aluminium matrix composite brake discs

CRRC QISHUYAN INSTITUTE CO., LTD. (Guozhong Jin) / CSIRO (Daniel Liang)

Aluminium matrix composite brake discs

Research summary

This project involved the manufacture and testing of a new material for brake discs. Made of ceramic and metal composite, these brake discs are more wear resistant and a better conductor of heat. The material was developed based on the solid-state-forming CSIRO technologies studied in a lab environment, and then scaled up for manufacture. CRRC has large scale testing rig in China to test the material under the relevant rail working environments.

Start/end date

31 January 2018 to 31 January 2020

Total contracted budget (including in-kind)


Key achievements

  • The team at CSIRO successfully applied the solid-state forming technology to the rail brake disc application and produced full size brake discs made from aluminium ceramic composite material through the novel material processing.
  • Specifications and operational instructions were developed for preparation of materials and processes for preparation of 1:1 scale brake disc.
  • The brake discs met requirements for essential properties such as mechanical strength, wear rate and heat dissipation, enabling the composite brake disc to enter a certification and train trial process at CRRC prior to production commencing.

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