Student | Fukun Xia | Materials and Manufacturing - RMCRC
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Student | Fukun Xia | Materials and Manufacturing

PhD students

Fukun Xia

Swinburne University (Supervisors: Dong Ruan, Guoxing Lu and Yvonne Durandet)

PhD topic – Evaluation of hybrid structures for impact performance in rail applications

Fukun Xia

Research summary

This proposed research aims to develop light train/tram structural components using sandwich panels, which have distinctive advantages such as being light-weight and good capability of energy absorption. In this project, investigation will be conducted to study the mechanical response of sandwich panels with various cores. Parametric study will be performed to determine the optimal configuration of sandwich panels, and empirical formulae will be proposed which can be directly applied to industry.

Expected completion date

June 2021

Key achievements

  • Experimental work, numerical simulation and theoretical analysis have been carried out to understand the bending behavior of sandwich panels.
  • Optimization has been conducted to determine the best configuration of sandwich panels.
  • The mechanical performance of different types of sandwich panels are compared.
  • The outcome of the project will provide useful information and guideline for the applications of sandwich panels in rail/tram industry.