Student | Mahsa Taherimandarjani | Materials and Manufacturing - RMCRC
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Student | Mahsa Taherimandarjani | Materials and Manufacturing

PhD students

Mahsa Taherimandarjani

Swinburne University (Supervisor: Yvonne Durandet)

PhD topic – Laboratory evaluation of laser cladding on rail wheel steels

Mahsa Taherimandarjani

Research summary

Wear of wheel and rail systems in service is actively monitored to help manage the costs of operating, repair, and maintenance of the fleet. This research investigates the quality and performance of laser clad deposits for several steel grades, cladding processes, and surface conditions.

The main objectives of the project are to optimise the thickness and microstructure of the clad layers for improved resistance to wear, and to develop a simple but effective constitutive model of wear based on laboratory data for wheel materials, with and without cladding treatment.

Expected completion date

October 2021

Key achievements

  • Metallurgical characterisation of metro and freight wheels as two substrates for laser cladding was studied.
  • Candidate alloys for clad deposits with high hardness values (450HV-650HV) and wheel substrates (a metro wheel and a freight wheel used in Australian heavy-haul railway fleet) were identified.
  • A simple model was established for drawing quality/cladding process maps for different selected cladding alloys to guide the laser cladding experiments.

No publications to-date