Student | Mohammad Adinehvand | Materials and Manufacturing - RMCRC
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Student | Mohammad Adinehvand | Materials and Manufacturing

PhD students

Mohammad Adinehvand

RMIT University (Supervisor: Reza Hoseinnezhad)

PhD topic – Miniature crawling robots for rolling stock manufacture and maintenance

Mohammad Adinehvand

Research summary

This project aims to design and deliver a robot to traverse inside train bogies for inspection, designed to navigate on the ground and climb up the walls in the complex and tight environments which exist on train bogies. To achieve this, the research has focused firstly on design and analysing the robot mechanism based on structural requirements, before investigating software architectural elements, including low and high-level control strategies.

Expected completion date

March 2022

Key achievements

  • Design a miniature robot which is able to move in 3D spaces.
  • Design low-level strategies to control the robot to follow the pre-defined paths.
  • Design a force control scheme to guarantee safety within interaction between robot and environment.
  • Design low-level controller such as using feedback linearization, sliding mode and adaptive methods.
  • Virtually train the robot to make a decision (in progress).

No publications to-date