Student | Power and Propulsion | Pauline Jaumaux
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Student | Power and Propulsion | Pauline Jaumaux

PhD students

Pauline Jaumaux

University of Technology Sydney (Supervisor: Guoxiu Wang)

PhD topic – Hybrid supercapacitors with high energy and power densities for rail industry applications

Pauline Jaumaux

Research summary

This research aimed to develop a hybrid supercapacitor with high energy and power densities and advanced supercapacitor management systems for rail. The implementation of this new supercapacitor technology could effectively provide voltage stabilisation for rail systems, and improve the performance of propulsion for light rail vehicles.

Expected completion date

August 2021

Key achievements

  • Synthesis of anode materials based on carbon coated lithium titanium oxide (LTO@C) with different carbon sources, and its characterisation (e.g. morphology, porosity, etc.).
  • Testing of these anodes in batteries to compare the electrochemical performances of the different LTO@C anode materials.
  • Assembly of hybrid supercapacitors delivering high energy density and long cycling life (active carbon (AC) as anode and optimised LTO@C as cathode).