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Student | Sundar Shrestha | Power and Propulsion

PhD students

Sundar Shrestha

CQUniversity (Supervisor: Maksym Spiryagin)

PhD topic – Estimation of adhesion conditions between wheels and rails for the development of advanced braking control systems

Sundar Shrestha

Research summary

This research proposes the development of a real-time on-board device which allows an enhanced and lower-cost contact detection process under changing operational conditions in real-time. This improvement in the monitoring of contact conditions will provide enhancement to rail vehicle braking and traction performance, wear reduction, noise reduction and operational safety.

Expected completion date

January 2021

Key achievements

  • Low-cost novel real-time algorithm to estimate the coefficient of adhesion at wheel-rail contact interface based on the information obtained from the advanced sensor data processing.
  • Improved algorithm for Wheel Slide Protection (WSP) controller to maximise the utilisation of available adhesion based on a hybrid simulation model for the safety performance and to minimise train braking distance.
  • Innovative adhesion monitoring algorithm based on the analysis of rolling noise from the wheel-rail contact interface.
  • Provisional patent application “Adhesion System of a Rail Vehicle for Improvement of Brake System Performance” is prepared for lodgement.