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Student | Xiaochun Gao | Power and Propulsion

PhD students

Xiaochun Gao

University of Technology Sydney (Supervisor: Guoxiu Wang)

PhD topic – Developing functional materials for electrochemical storage with high energy densities and stable cycling ability

Xiaochun Gao

Research summary

This research aimed to develop advanced materials for Li-S batteries and hybrid supercapacitors. The functional materials are expected to assist the batteries/supercapacitors with high energy density and stable cycling ability. The implementation of this new electrochemical storage technology could effectively provide voltage stabilisation for rail systems, and improve the performance of propulsion for light rail vehicles.

Completion date

February 2020

Key achievements

  • Functional metallic nitride material with strong trapping ability to polysulfides.
  • High energy density.
  • Stable cycling performance.
  • Pouch cells with excellent electrochemical performance.


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