Student | Yit Hong Choo (Kelvin) | Design, Modelling and Simulation - RMCRC
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Student | Yit Hong Choo (Kelvin) | Design, Modelling and Simulation

PhD students

Yit Hong Choo (Kelvin)

Deakin University (Supervisor: Doug Creighton)

PhD topic – Intelligent data fusion and analytics framework

Yit Hong Choo (Kelvin)

Research summary

Downer has built a digital platform called TrainDNA, which seeks to digitise data taken from internal and external train monitoring systems. This platform uses cognitive computing tools to display up-to-date information on train location and status. Building upon this platform, the data science capability was augmented using Deakin University research methodology to develop algorithms for predicting remaining useful life of Bogie components.

Expected completion date

January 2023

Key achievements

  • Familiarised with the TrainDNA digital platform and train maintenance processes at AMC in Sydney.
  • Defined the research area pertaining to enhancement and optimisation of the maintenance processes at AMC.
  • Established a repository of data and the associated information from Downer for creating a simulation model.
  • Developed a simulation model with the capability of what-if scenario analysis to examine the maintenance processes and identify the underlying bottlenecks and limitations.
  • Generated preliminary results from the simulation; and validation of the findings with subject matter experts from Downer is in progress.

No publications to-date