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Student | Zhibin Li | Design, Modelling and Simulation

PhD students

Zhibin Li

University of Technology Sydney (Supervisor: Jian Zhang)

PhD topic – Big data analytics for condition-based monitoring and maintenance

Zhibin Li

Research summary

This project will develop data analytics technologies to use to manage condition-based monitoring for rail maintenance. This will involve collecting data from sensors installed along the railways and infrastructure components, including different track switches for train operation. Advanced data analysis technologies on historical and sensing data and related condition-based maintenance will be developed.

Expected completion date

September 2020

Key achievements

  • Collected, connected and cleaned several datasets of railway points from multiple sources, including data on  equipment details, maintenance logs, weather data, movement logs and failure records.
  • Designed a framework to combine multiple-source data for predicting failures of railway points.
  • Designed several algorithms on predicting failures of railway points, including those with incomplete and high dimensional data.
  • Published and submitted several peer-reviewed research papers on failure prediction and machine learning area.


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