Student | Meng Wang | Materials and Manufacturing - RMCRC
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Student | Meng Wang | Materials and Manufacturing

PhD students

Meng Wang

Swinburne University (Supervisor: Guoxing Lu)

PhD topic – Manufacturing of lightweight panels

Meng Wang

Research summary

Vehicle structures such as trains and trams should be as light as possible, whereby the use of sandwich panels is worth considering. This project proposes to investigate manufacturing technologies for making sandwich panels that will meet the industry quality requirements, including operational loading, acoustic and thermal performance, energy absorption under accidental collision, and deformation under ballistic impact.

Expected completion date

July 2021


Wang, M., Zhang, J. and Lu, G. Numerical Analysis of Energy Absorption Performance of Voronoi core and Origami core sandwich panels. The 7th International Conference on Design and Analysis of Protective Structures (HIS-DAPS2019), 04-06 December 2019, Seoul, Korea.