Student | Panahsadat (Panah) Fasihi | Materials and Manufacturing - RMCRC
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Student | Panahsadat (Panah) Fasihi | Materials and Manufacturing

PhD students

Panahsadat (Panah) Fasihi

Monash University

PhD topic – Full-scale implementation of a new wheel-rail maintenance technology by using laser cladding

Panahsadat (Panah) Fasihi

Research summary

The wheel-rail contact is known to induce material degradation in the form of wear and rolling contact fatigue in the railhead. A systematic study towards developing commercially and technically viable laser-cladding technologies, whereby the undesirable by-products of wheel-rail contact could be addressed or diminished, is proposed. The main aim of this study is to conduct a detailed investigation to determine the effect of laser cladding variables on microstructures and mechanical properties in the cladding interface, deposits and heat affected zones of heavy haul and light (tram) rails. The outcomes of this research will result in recommendation of a commercially viable laser cladding alloy suitable to be used for the heavy haul and light rail applications.

Expected completion date

February 2022

Key achievements

  • A novel laser cladding alloy has been proposed.
  • The appropriate heat treatments and laser deposition parameters for this novel alloy has been identified.
  • The suitability of this alloy is being experimentally investigated for heavy haul and light rail applications.