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Student | Peter Allen | Design, Modelling and Simulation

PhD students

Peter Allen

Swinburne University (Supervisor: Ambarish Kulkarni)

PhD topic – Impeding pedestrian-train collisions using safety by design principles

Peter Allen

Research summary

Every eight days someone dies in Victorian rail network, where train suicides is a prime concern. This research involves modelling an engineering solution to impede train suicide using safety by design principles, beginning with detailed research and analysis of train impacts with human bodies, allowing for enhancements in design.

Expected completion date

March 2022

Key achievements

  • Presented at the 2019 RESTRAIL (International Union of Railways UIC) workshop in Paris. The presentation postulated the development of an engineering solution to impede suicidal actions in the rail industry rather than the present focus on preventing them.
  • This research is providing the rail industry with an in-depth analysis of the injuries sustained in trespasser – train collisions allowing them to evaluate / develop an impact abatement device.